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This series of comic books is mostly about Lois Lane wanting to marry Superman. Superman likes her but knows that if they were to get married, Lois would become the target of his enemies. So instead he spends a lot of his time teaching her lessons.


Sometimes his lessons take many days to teach. After Lois asks him about the box in the panel above, he puts a tiny man from Kandor inside it and gives it to Lois for safekeeping. She is under strict orders not to open the box, but Superman gets the tiny man talk to her from inside and try to trick her into opening it.

Superman also spends a lot of time making sure Lois does not guess his secret identity.

When Lois gets a pair of magic glasses that show what kind of animal someone is, Superman has to use his super speed to get a lamb from a petting zoo so he can dress it up and put in front of the glasses when she looks at Clark.



Sometimes there are imaginary stories in which Lois and Superman do get married. When he takes her to the Fortress of Solitude, he has to wrap her all up in his cape because of friction.


Sometimes there are real stories where Lois comes very close to marrying Superman, but something prevents it at the last minute.


Superman can have a sharp tongue!


Lois can too, though.


I like the next panel because that spirit boy has a sad look – exactly the sort of look you would have if you were a poor, lonesome spirit.


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