Mar 272015
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The chronicles of former times lie concealed –
housed below, hidden in earth-halls.
The king ordered it. He knew what words were worth.
He showed the people the extent of their power,
demonstrated how eternal life is book-bestowed.
The people were advanced enough to understand that stuff.
But other things they had no clue about – like what to do
after the books were written. So they guessed,
and hid them underground. These were still
not normal times. There were instances of
people being smart, but it was sort of only by
chance. The maze of book-hiding tunnels sure was elaborate,
though. It drove deep into the planet’s dirt-flesh.
Like the flesh of men, it had to protect itself,
with lava. Steam scalded those who held the spades.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” they said.
Up above the king rode around on a…
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Jan 162015

A teenaged scientist in the lab.

A sweatshirt I bought at a Clippers game a while back came with a Wall Street Journal subscription, as part of some promotion I don’t quite get. That’s how I came across the inspiring research:

“Some teens doing homework while listening to music and juggling tweets and texts may actually work better that way, according to an intriguing new study performed by high-school seniors.”

—“Study Finds Some Teens Can Excel at Multitasking,” the Wall Street Journal.

I was so amazed by these teenagers and their goals that I decided to find out more about the world of teenaged science. You can read my new article about it here:

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