Nov 192013

Last month I got all into the FBI’s arrest of Ross Ulbricht, the 29-year-old who had been running the Silk Road. A few years ago I went on the Silk Road to see what it was like. There were lots of guns for sale and big sheets of acid. I wish I had bought some, because that would mean that I had bought some bitcoins, too.  Now I would be rich, and my gun would protect me from people trying to steal my bitcoins.

If I got “in too deep” I might have had to use my gun against Ross himself, because parts of his indictments are about how he tried to have his enemies on the Silk Road murdered. It turned out he was soliciting the hits from an undercover FBI agent. From the quotes in the indictment, it seems as if the FBI was probably just trying to catch him on drug-dealin’ charges, because his exchange with the undercover agent starts out with him trying to convince the agent to sell a kilo of cocaine on SR, or something like that. But then he asks if they can beat someone up for him.


Then he thinks better of it:


The speed with which he gets himself to solicit a hit from an undercover agent is sort of tragic. So is his use of “sing”:


So is his swagger:


This next part is REALLY crazy:


Facebook has an awesome feature now where you can search for pictures of people without even being friends with them. So I used that on Ross’s profile. It turns out that he is a very specific kind of guy:




crazy hat party

Isn’t it nice to confirm that every guy like this is a bad murderer? Or, at least, that every guy like this possesses murderous inclinations, and must be put in prison?

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