May 182014


Ah! Hiking! It’s good for the spirit! See? Flowers! Growing in nature!


Say, what’s that purple thing? A balloon from a child’s birthday party, no doubt. It has  been known to happen, a balloon flying off and landing in nature, where it may very well do harm. If only we humans were more thoughtful about the environment!


Yes, some sort of birthday balloon, it would seem.


And that sign confirms it: birthday-related detritus. How regrettable! Yet it also seems that I’ve stumbled upon a domicile, of sorts?


Sensible! Normal. And that’s a Christmas sock with a monkey on it.


I can’t say that I care for such implements. Yet I readily accept that they might be a necessarily evil when living in one’s own domicile.

Okay, it’s time to go inside this place, and live there forever.



Update: I did eventually escape from the Witchman of the Woods’ hole. I found out that he’s not even a real Witchman, just a crazy man. I also found out what the contents of that cooler were, that cooler you can see in the fourth photo: urine!



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