Jan 162015

A teenaged scientist in the lab.

A sweatshirt I bought at a Clippers game a while back came with a Wall Street Journal subscription, as part of some promotion I don’t quite get. That’s how I came across the inspiring research:

“Some teens doing homework while listening to music and juggling tweets and texts may actually work better that way, according to an intriguing new study performed by high-school seniors.”

—“Study Finds Some Teens Can Excel at Multitasking,” the Wall Street Journal.

I was so amazed by these teenagers and their goals that I decided to find out more about the world of teenaged science. You can read my new article about it here:


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Dec 102014

It’s a nice companion piece to her official portrait at the National Portrait Gallery:

God forbid something should ever happen to the National Portrait Gallery, but if it does I think it’s fine if to use the raccoon picture as the the official portrait. We don’t need to go through all the trouble of restoration when we have something that can pretty much give off the same general feeling.

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Sep 092014


At my house, I decide that I’d like to make, say, chili tonight.


I go to the store to get the stuff I need to make chili. At the checkout, the checkout guy looks at what I’ve bought.

Checkout Guy (knowing look): Chili tonight, eh?

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