May 292016

Cephalia are these weird things some cactuses get where a gross column starts growing out of them at a certain age:


They are pretty much for flowers. Here is how one of the authors of A Cactus Odyssey describes them:

When a plant of Melocactus undergoes its transition into making a cephalium, it is like a young person going through puberty and developing adult characters like a beard. When a plant makes a lateral cephalium, however, it is as if only one narrow strip of a maturing plant undergoes puberty while the rest of him or her continues to be a child, albeit a giant version of that child. Maybe it is best not to think about it this way after all.

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Feb 232016

The book that I have been at work on for the past three-and-a-half years is being released next month. Needless to say, this was not an easy subject for me to address:


At the same time, I knew this was a tale I had to tell. I hope that my experience may be of some help to some people.

The book will be available for purchase behind the counter at Alan’s Health Stores nationwide. For signing opportunities, please contact me by email.

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